V. A quiz about the European Union
Choose the correct answer.

Each correct answer is worth 1 point.
Total: 15 points.
1. How many members did the EU consist of on 1st January 2018?

2. Which area is Navracsics Tibor the supervisor of?

3. What is the topic of the 2018 European Year?

4. How many official languages are there in the EU?

5. How many stars are on the EU flag?

6. What is the slogan of the EU?

7. When is the European Day?

8. Which country is NOT a member of the EU?

9. What is the change of the euro called?

10. When did Hungary fill the rotating presidency of the EU?

11. Which cities are the cultural capital of Europe this year?

12. What does ESA stand for?

13. Who composed the Hymn of the European Union?

14. Where can the headquarters of the European Commission be found?

15. How many founder members of the European Union were there?