1. Words associated with numbers
Read through the following sentences and fill in the missing words.

Each answer is worth ?? point.
Total: ?? points

BIPLANE An aeroplane with two sets of plane.
R C 1. A three-wheeled cycle.
L T 2. One person who sings.
U 3. Two people singing together
E O 4. A five-sided figure.
C 5. A period of ten years.
L 6. A combat between two people.
R I 7. A period of two weeks.
N U 8. A dramatic performance or speech for a single actor.
I 9. Two babies born at the same time.
E P 10. An insect which is said to have a hundred feet.
N L 11. An instrument with two lenses which helps bring distant objects closer.
I N 12. A mythological animal with a horn in the middle of its head.
Q E 13. Four musicians play together.
R E 14. Three babies born at the same time.
U 15. A period of hundred years.