Change the word SHORE into CRASH in sixteen stages, changing one or two letters at a time. (The number in brackets after each clue tells you how many letters of the preceding word need to be changed to form the new word.)

Each correct answer is worth ?? point.
Total: ?? points.
S H O R E  
e.g. 2-0 (1)
to frighten (1)
a device for weighing things or peope (1)
a mammal (2)
a conjunction (1)- amíg
a sign of pleasure, happiness (2)
an odour (2)
Could you ......... your name, please? (1)
allow a child to door have everything that it wants to (2)
a country (2)
a means of transport (2)
a .......... of sand (1)
a fruit (2)
cows do this (1)
to rub out (2)
C R A S H