1. Definitions – ’parts of the body’ expressions
Fill in the missing words in the sentences below. Choose from the following:

Each correct answer is worth 1 point.
Total: 14 points.
Keep your hair on!               lose one’s head               tongue-tied               by ear               to show a leg
        hair-raising               to see eye to eye with someone               a brainwave               off one’s head
             tongue-twister               heartless               a pain in the neck                down in the mouth
                                    pull someone’s leg               an eyesore

An eyesore is something (often a building) which is ugly to look at.
1. To be  means to be depressed.
2. Someone who is  is a very irritating, tiresome person.
3. If you are , it means you are cruel.
4. To be  means to be mad or crazy.
5.  is a sudden, clever idea.
6.  means to agree.
7. If something is , then it is frightening.
8.  means to get out of bed.
9. If you play a musical instrument , it means you play it without using printed music – you play it from memory.
10. If a person is , he or she is too shy or nervous to speak.
11. To  means to panic or lose control of oneself.
12. If you say to someone “ ”, you mean “Keep calm!” or “Don’t get angry.”
13. To  means to tease someone – usually by telling the person something which is quite untrue.
14. A  is a long word or phrase which is very difficult to say quickly or correctly. (e.g. She sells sea-shells on the sea shore.)