2. Puzzle it out – which building is which?
Read through the sentences below, then see if you can work out which building is which.

Each correct answer is worth 1 point.
Total: 8 points.
The travel agent’s and the supermarket are on the left.
The police station is opposite the supermarket.
The restaurant has a flat roof.
The library is on the same side as the bank.
There’s a car parked outside the grocer’s.
The cinema is next to the restaurant.
The supermarket has a black roof.
The man has just crossed the road after posting a letter.
Number 1 is the    
Number 2 is the    
Number 3 is the    
Number 4 is the    
Number 5 is the    
Number 6 is the    
Number 7 is the    
Number 8 is the